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8 Steps To Home Ownership

Buying a home can be quite the process. From finding the right home to closing with funding and insurance in place, there is much to do. We’ve broken the process down into 8 steps that can help you navigate your way into your next home.

  1. Get Loan Pre-approval:

    It’s a good idea to start the mortgage process well before making an offer – or even before looking at homes. Learn more about this critical first step here.

  2. Choose a Realtor:

    Having a RealtorĀ® on your side can give you a distinct advantage in the home-buying process. Learn more about these advantages and what to consider when choosing a Realtor.

  3. Look at Homes:

    Given recent events, there’s no shortage of housing options on the market. So how do you find the very best home to suit your needs? We’ll show you how to prioritize your search and look at the right homes.

  4. Make an Offer:

    This can be a pretty intense step. From offering the right price to protecting your interests, there’s much to consider. Get a feel for the ins and outs of making an offer here.

  5. Do a Home Inspection:

    Congratulations, your offer has been accepted! Now’s the time to insure this is truly the right home for you. Whether you hire a home inspector or do the inspection yourself, be sure give this step your full attention.

  6. Get Funded:

    Assuming you completed that critical first step (pre-approval), you are already well on your way to completing this one. Still, it’s good to know what your options are and what to expect as your funding is finalized.

  7. Buy Home Insurance:

    Homeowner’s insurance, home warranties, title insurance, flood policies… Where do you get it, and what does it all mean? We have a rundown of your home insurance options here.

  8. Close the Deal:

    Complete this step and you’re home free. This is where everything comes together and culminates with a new set of keys in your pocket. Read more about what to expect during the closing process.

Looking for Real Estate Tips or Buying Tools?

If you’re looking for home-buying tips, want to know how a realtor can help with the buying process, or simply want to learn more about buying real estate, be sure to visit our buyer’s resource center. Or contact us – we want to hear from you!