Client Testimonials

We’ve heard the stories and understand the frustrations you may have experienced when dealing with real estate agents or trying to conduct a real estate transaction. We can tell you that we’re different, go on about our services, talk about our standards… But nothing we have to say is nearly as convincing as what our clients have said. We’ve included testimonials from both property buyers and property sellers for your review.

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From the Seller’s Point of View

Joe did an excellent job and was protective of my interests and money ~ Marv and Carol Stewart

My house sold so quickly! He’s a wonderful realtor and a great person. I highly recommend him. ~ Valerie Harmon

We knew we could always count on him. He worked hard and got the job done. We will always recommend Joe. ~ Cletus and Dorothy Byrd

He did a great job! I would use him again. ~ Missy Stubblefield

He always knew what was going on. He knows what he is doing. ~ Betty Van Meter

Joe took care of everything and always kept us informed. ~ Greg and Melinda Bailey

Joe’s knowledge, experience, and research carried us through the process of selling our home. Without a doubt, Joe’s the best! ~ Philip and Amber Brunck

Joe kept me informed about the progress being made on the sale of my home. It was great always having personal contact, frequent updates, and quick results. ~ Linda Shupert

After 30 years in the same house, packing and moving was a challenge! Joe is open and honest, and took care of all the details. We had sold property ourselves before, but Joe made it so much easier. ~ James and Shirley Stubblefield

Joe & Staci were always willing to help and never made us feel like nuisances! They made our selling and buying experience a lot less stressful. ~ Mark and Rhonda Barger

Thanks to Joe and Staci, everything was taken care of, he really works at selling your home! In addition to being friends also, Joe is very professional and honest. ~ Bruce and Kathy Simkins

The whole Referral Team is very professional and personalized. Questions were answered quickly and we received follow-ups on most showings. We give him two thumbs up! ~ Bill & Elaine Milliken

From the Buyer’s Point of View

Thanks Joe! Thanks for all your help. My brother in-law and sister couldn’t have chosen a better person to refer me to. You & Staci really followed up on all the small things. My family and I are grateful for your efforts. ~ Dave Dilley

Joe worked so hard to find just what we wanted. He always returned our calls in a timely manner and was very knowledgeable about the real estate business. We were completely pleased. ~ Ray and Gail Stone

Joe put everything on a personal level. He explained everything to us and worked with us in every aspect. Even though we were a first time homebuyer, he didn’t put any ‘sales’ pressure on us. Anyone would benefit from working with Joe. ~ Brandon Walker

Joe and Staci really listened to us for what we wanted and could afford instead of just showing us his listings. When I sell and look for another home I am definitely going to use Joe again. ~ Susan Brown

Joe took care of everything. I could trust him and would recommend him to others. ~ David Mills

If we were to buy or sell again, we would come to Joe. He treats you like somebody even though we weren’t buying an expensive home. He has the promptness, dedication, and honesty all agents should have. ~ Don and Pat Hampton

If it comes to sell or buy again, I will definitely go through Joe again. I will refer any friends and family who are looking to buy or sell to Joe. We are in the military and our first Realtor showed us everything we couldn’t afford. Joe showed us what we could afford and helped us pick the best of those homes. He really understood our needs and most importantly, he met our needs! ~ Chuck and Eva Szuba

Joe & Staci put forth the effort to keep us informed of available property without high pressure. We enjoyed his complete honesty and work effort. He kept our interests in mind at all times. ~ Floyd and Geraldine Crawford

Joe and Staci were both great! We get transferred all over the U.S. and have worked with many different Realtors. Joe and Staci actually cared about our needs instead of just the commission check. All of our calls were returned promptly and questions were answered. ~ Bill and Kathy Pershing

Joe and Staci, Thank you so much for all you’ve done to make our home buying adventure so much fun! Also, we really appreciate your advice and referrals to get our home fixed up like we wanted it. ~ Eden Buergler

Joe and Staci were both fantastic! They were by far the best part of the experience. Our loan company really changed things on us and created a financial disaster on my side. I wished we’d used one of the banks Joe recommended. However, everything on his end was well orchestrated! ~ Foy Watford