Five Steps to SOLD! – Form a Game Plan

The first step in selling your home is to sit down and form a game plan. There are a few pointed questions you should ask yourself before putting your home on the market.

Is your home ready to sell?

It can take weeks – months even – to get a property ready to sell. Start by looking at your home with critical eyes, as a buyer would, and decide what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be repaired, and even what may need to be thrown away. Ask yourself what would make your home more appealing. Obviously, you want your home to look great, so that you can attract as many buyers as possible.

When should you put your home on the market?

People tend to move more during the summer, so it follows that the housing market tends to be more active during this time. But this doesn’t necessarily mean summer is the best time to sell. Home prices fluctuate with longer-term market trends. While a realtor cannot predict the future, he/she can give you a clear picture of where the market has been in relation to where it is now. This can provide valuable guidance in timing the marketing of your home.

Can you increase your home’s value?

Most buyers are looking for the least expensive home they can find – in the best neighborhood they can afford. What this means to you is you should strive to have a home that blends into your neighborhood and is not over-improved. With this in mind, plan on making improvements that will allow your home to show well, but don’t plan on making a major investment. Instead focus on “cosmetic” improvements – things like paint, flooring and landscaping.

Before your home hits the market

You want to make sure that it will compare favorably to other homes available in the area. Joe Craine and the professionals at Referral Real Estate can help you work through these questions – and help you form an “A Plan” for selling your home. Contact them. They’ll be glad to help and will even provide you with a complimentary consultation.

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