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Fort Smith Public Schools

The Fort Smith Public School district includes 19 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools and three learning centers. According to school superintendent Benny L. Gooden, public school district members espouse the following vision:

  • Each student is regarded as an individual who has unique needs and aspirations.
  • The curriculum is comprehensive, relevant and rigorous.
  • Every school provides a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Faculty and staff are active learners who are engaged in professional growth.
  • Faculty and staff are well-compensated, recognized, and valued for their expertise.
  • Families are partners in a child’s education.
  • The community demonstrates pride and ownership in the work of the school system.
  • The privileges and responsibilities of citizenship are understood and practiced.
  • Ethical decision making is taught, modeled and encouraged.
  • Students who attain life-long learning skills become critical thinkers.
  • School environments should be challenging, positive and enjoyable.

For more information and a list of schools within Fort Smith, visit the Fort Smith Public School District’s website. You may also be interested in reading about how the schools are rated in our school reports section.

Schools in the Surrounding Areas

There are a number of outstanding school districts in the communities surrounding Fort Smith. Whether you are looking for a larger district that offers a full curriculum or a smaller, more personal district, you’re sure to find a community and school that is right for your family.

For more information about area public schools and their performance, be sure to visit our section on school reports. You might also be interested in area private schools and the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith.

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