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Pricing your home can be a tricky proposition. Price it too high, and it will linger on the market – too low, and you could be losing thousands of dollars. So how do you know what price is right?

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Five Steps to SOLD!

Selling your home or other real estate is a big undertaking. We find the best way to approach a major project is by taking it a step at a time, so we’ve broken the process down into 5 steps.

  1. Form a game plan and get prepared:

    When should you sell? How can you increase your property’s appeal or even it’s value? Click here to find out.

  2. Set a price and list your home:

    What is your property worth? Should you consider going it on your own? From considering FSBO to choosing a realtor, it’s all here.

  3. Market, market, market and show:

    There’s plenty to consider when it comes to marketing real estate. Learn more about the marketing process and pick up some valuable tips on showing your home or property here.

  4. Get an offer:

    Evaluating offers and negotiating a sell price can get tricky. To know what to expect and be prepared, read more.

  5. Close the deal:

    Once an offer is accepted, there are a number of critical steps to consider. Learn more about the closing process here.

Looking For More Real Estate Selling Tips?

If you’re looking for home showing tips, want to know how to choose a realtor, or simply want to learn more about selling real estate, be sure to visit our seller’s resource center.

Of course, you can always contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your real-estate-related questions!